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Extreme Sports Around The World

For most people, going on a quiet and relaxing vacation is usually enough; a chance to recharge their batteries without having to do too much. For others, though, sitting around a pool all day couldn’t be more boring, and the constant desire to seek out a thrill is one that they simply can’t ignore.

Best Paragliding Destinations

Best Paragliding Destinations Paragliding is for the adventurous and for all the adrenaline junkies out there.  But what most paragliders realise is that even though the nerves really never leave them it is replaced by the wonder of the beautiful scenery.  This article covers a list of the most beautiful paragliding destinations in the world.

The Best International Cycling Events

The Best International Cycling Events Whether you are simply a spectator out to watch or an avid cyclist yourself, there is nothing quite like being on holiday and enjoying a cycling event. Here are the top four cycling events across the globe to enjoy – either by participating or being a spectator.

Top Surfing Destinations

Must Visit Surfing Destinations Some cultures die out after a few years, or transform into something completely unrecognisable. Surf culture, on the other hand, has survived for decades, and still happens to be one of the most active sports today. It attracts enthusiasts from around the world, all of which have been seduced by a

The World’s Best Mountain Bike Trails

The World’s Best Mountain Bike Trails While the world is full of mountain bike trails, these 6 mountain bike trails are set apart from the rest owing to something that is quite difficult to describe. While much of what makes a great mountain bike trail is likely subjective, the best trails will have your entire

The World’s Best River Rafting Adventure Destinations

While the idea of relaxing on a white sand beach, shaded by coconut trees, sipping on a Pina Colada sounds like the perfect holiday to some, others crave an adrenaline inducing adventure holiday which leaves your heart racing and your muscles aching. With this in mind, here are our recommendations for the world’s best river