The World’s Best Mountain Bike Trails

The World’s Best Mountain Bike Trails

While the world is full of mountain bike trails, these 6 mountain bike trails are set apart from the rest owing to something that is quite difficult to describe. While much of what makes a great mountain bike trail is likely subjective, the best trails will have your entire group smiling from ear to ear, rearing to keep going. Here are our top picks for the world’s absolute best.

New Zealand: The Old Ghost Road

Best described as a journey as opposed to a trail, the Old Ghost Road is 85km point-to-point and will see you climbing higher and higher for a full day through a temperate rainforest until you eventually erupt above the tree line. With spectacular views of rolling green hills, you’ll stop for the night to sleep under the stars at Ghost Lake Hut, before descending through the rainforest.

Norway: Mefjellet

The majestic peak of Mefjellet is likely a daunting prospect as you gaze upon it from the fjord below and you will earn every single of the 1100m required to reach your ultimate destination. Surrounded by snow-capped peaks, you’ll need to both bike and hike the glacier carved ridge line in a near constant push skyward. However, once you begin your descent, you’ll be tearing down a hairline of single track over rock slabs down the open mountainside.

British Columbia, Canada: Top of the World

North of Vancouver, every person who visits Whistler feels the pull of the ‘Top of the World’ – even more so than CAD online slots! You’ll be transported close to the peak of Whistler Mountain by chairlift and then take the 6km descent which combines high alpine riding and the best of Whistler Bike Park. Traverse the alpine trail littered with rocks and dust before entering the forest, biking roots, jumps, and bumps.

Nepal: Lupra Pass

In a country affectionately known as the ‘Roof of the World’, deep in the Himalayas, you’ll find the Lupra Pass. While you’ll need to complete a 300m scramble to reach the incredible height of 4100m through the Lupra Pass, but once there you’ll be rewarded with a vertical kilometre altitude drop complete with a fast, dusty single track. Eventually, you’ll travel across a long suspension bridge before taking to the dried up riverbed.

Scotland: Achnashellach

Nestled in surreal and mythical surroundings in the heart of the Torridon Mountains, you’ll find Achnashellach. With no shortage of rocks, the Achnashellach trail is a true test of both bike and rider and you’ll face a tough climb while marooned deep in a glen. Once at the top, you’ll traverse smooth slabs and rock gardens down a steep descent.

Ecuador: Cotopaxi

While Ecuador isn’t world renowned as a top mountain biking destination, it certainly should be owing to the intimidating Andes Mountains, tropical jungles, and active volcanoes. Taking to the volcanic gradients of the Cotopaxi, you’ll be forced to traverse ash, sand, boulders, and petrified lava over three 700m descents. The Cotopaxi is unforgettable to say the least.