Top Adventure Holidays For Your Bucket List

When you go on holiday there is always an important question that needs asking. Will you go on a relaxing holiday, or will you go on an adventure holiday? Which isn’t to say that adventure holidays can’t be relaxing, it just depends on the sort of adventure you’re looking for.

Regardless, there are many incredible adventure holiday destinations around the world, all of which certainly deserve a closer look.

Machu Picchu

Contrary to popular belief, the ruins at Machu Picchu are actually a fairly recent discovery. Though just because they’re a recent discovery, it doesn’t mean they’re particularly easy to explore. The ruins are high up in the Andes Mountains, meaning that the only way to get to them is on foot. You can expect a difficult four day hike over treacherous terrain.

Not to worry, though, there are several other great adventure activities in the area, including paddle boarding and zip lining.

Great Wall Of China

The Great Wall Of China is very impressive to look at, but not what we’d call an adventure. Why just look at the wall, when you can rather run its entire length? Yes, the Great Wall Marathon is a real thing, and also happens to only be reserved for the toughest runners in the world.

Want to hear some details? How about the fact that the marathon includes 5,164 steps. A gruelling run to be sure, but also an extraordinarily beautiful one.

Just to be very clear; you better be well trained before you attempt this marathon. There is every risk of losing steam and being stuck in the wilderness. There is no shame in getting there, realising you might not be ready, and rather just relaxing at your hotel with some Canadian online gambling instead.


A safari is always a good idea, but have you ever considered a walking safari? Yes, you read that right. It is possible to travel, without a jeep, amongst lions, leopards and rhinos. The Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe offers such safaris, though this really is only for those with nerves of steel.

The park insists that the walking safaris are safe, of course, since you’ll be with an armed safari guide. But who knows what could happen out there in the wilderness of Africa? It would certainly be an experience to remember, though we wouldn’t blame you for rather wanting to check out a few surfing holiday destinations instead.

Baffin Island

Our most extreme adventure holiday last; why not visit one of the most remote locations on earth? We’re talking about Baffin Island, and if you’re wondering, yes, this is where explorers in the old days often landed up vanishing without a trace.

Baffin Island, off the coast of Canada, is populated these days, though still dangerous. The upside is that there is almost nowhere else in the world so desolate, so beautiful, and so populated with polar bears. Just be prepared to have to wear numerous layers to avoid freezing to death.