Extreme Sports Around The World

For most people, going on a quiet and relaxing vacation is usually enough; a chance to recharge their batteries without having to do too much. For others, though, sitting around a pool all day couldn’t be more boring, and the constant desire to seek out a thrill is one that they simply can’t ignore.

There are few better ways of quenching the thirst for adventure than participating in some kind of extreme sport. Whether it’s skydiving or white river rafting, there’s almost always a way for a thrill-seeker to find what they’re looking for. Here we will look at some countries with the best extreme sports.

Mexico’s Cave Diving

Considered as one of the most dangerous activities in the world, cave diving is not for the faint of heart. It’s incredibly easy for things to go wrong at a moment’s notice, and many people have lost their lives over the years. But cave diving is also a memorable and truly rewarding experience, allowing a person to see something that few others have. Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula offers some of the best cave diving on the planet. Many believe that this is the area that was impacted by the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs, leaving a huge hole in the earth filled with countless caves to explore.

Macau’s Bungee Jumping

Bungee jumping remains a classic extreme sport for those with the guts to give it a try. Popularised by adventure seeker AJ Hackett, it involves being tied to a cord and jumping off the side of something extremely high up. For those that want to give this sport a try, the current highest place where bungee jumping takes place is the Macau Tower, which has a jumping point of 233m above the ground.


Unlike the other sports on this list, skydiving can be done just about anywhere on planet earth, but there are some areas that make for a truly scenic fall to earth. One such is Byron Bay, located in Australia, but Key West in Florida and even the Swiss Alps are great choices. Travelling far to find a good skydiving spot isn’t necessary, as this extreme sport is offered by most adventure clubs that are near to an airport.

Volcano Boarding in Nicaragua

Meant for the bravest amount us, volcano boarding is currently only offered in one place: Leon, Nicaragua. It’s the dangerous art of shooting down the side of an active volcano, an activity that was first done by an Australian traveller. People attempting this can expect to reach speeds of up to 90km/h on their way down the side, meaning that it might make more sense to stay at home and instead enjoy playing mobile games.

Biking On The Death Road

The Death Road in Bolivia is notorious for how dangerous it is to travel, but where some see danger, others see an opportunity. This is why hundreds of mountain bike riders around the world are lured to the infamous road; there are few other places that can offer quite the same amount of thrill and danger in a single package.