Which Countries Are Great For A Roadtrip

There’s nothing quite as exciting or memorable as hitting the road with the family and seeing all the unique sights along the way. With the kids in the back, your partner next to you, and the open road in front of you, a road trip represents endless possibilities, especially if there’s no particular destination in mind.

This is an experience that can be made even more memorable when done in a foreign country, although some countries are better for this than others, as we will take a look at here.

The United Kingdom

The UK is perhaps one of the very best countries in the world for an extended family road trip. Consider that not only is the landmass of the UK relatively small, but it’s possible to drive from the very bottom of England to the very top of Scotland in just a few days, with so much to see while on the road.

The UK has long, well-connected highways and roads, making it extremely easy to get from one place to another, but this is made even better by the fact that there are thousands of B&Bs and campsites along the way and the overall safety of the roads.


For those that want to take their family on an African adventure, there are few better choices than Namibia. This is because Namibia is one of the safest, most stable countries on the continent, and thanks to excellent roads, it’s also quite easy to navigate. Most people will generally touch down either in the city of Windhoek and travel from there, but it’s also common to instead start from Cape Town in South Africa and go up along the western coast.

Namibia is home to some of the largest nature reserves in the world and has plenty of flora and fauna to see. The world-famous Namib Desert – the oldest desert in history – is very much worth seeing, but it’s a good idea to prepare appropriately before setting out, such as having enough water and food, extra tyres; as well as some way to keep busy during the hotter days, like video games, the latest Masters golf odds and bets, or a couple of books.

New Zealand

With the title of being the world’s adventure capital, New Zealand consists of incredible cities, and some of the most breath-taking landscapes that a person could ever hope to see. It’s also extremely safe to travel to, and because ferries are needed to get from one island to another, it means being able to travel along some of the spectacular coasts.

New Zealand has some of the largest, untouched forests and other natural places on Earth, making it a particularly good choice for those families that want to see the beauty of nature in all its glory. It’s also great for longer holidays as it can take a couple of weeks to make it from one side of New Zealand to the other.