The Top Spooky Haunted Tourist Destinations

Sure, you could head to a nice beach, kick back, and take in the view. Alternatively you could head to one of the most haunted places in the world. Less relaxation for sure, but much more in the way of adrenalin. There are numerous exciting haunted tourist attractions around the world, some with truly spooky reputations. If this is your cup of tea is a matter of preference, but there is certainly no shortage of haunted tourist attractions around the world.

Warning; some of these probably aren’t suitable for sensitive children.

Raynham Hall, Norfolk, England

You’ve probably seen the legendary ghostly photo of Lady Dorothy Walpole, 1936, even if you didn’t know where it was taken. Now you do know where it was taken; Raynham Hall. By all accounts this stunning country home is straight out of a movie, stretching majestically across rolling green gardens. But look a little deeper and you might just run into the Brown Lady.

Raynham Hall is open to guests a few days a year, though is a favourite of ghost hunters everywhere. So if you’re interested in going, best book in advance.

Bhangarh Fort, India

These ancient ruins are very literally in the middle of nowhere. Anyone wanting to see them will have to travel 200 miles outside of Delhi, crossing vast, open swathes of wilderness. Why make the trip? Because the long abandoned fort is widely thought to be haunted.

Legend has it that the land is cursed, courtesy of an ancient sorcerer looking for revenge. A great tourist destination, though you may want to check out Super Bowl betting online on your phone for the trip there and back.

Ancient Ram Inn, Wotton-under-Edge, England

If you’re looking for not only one of the oldest inns in the world, but also reportedly amongst the most haunted, look no further. Astonishingly, the Ancient Ram Inn was built in the 12th century. Over the decades it has been involved in countless troubling stories, including being a place of pagan worship.

Ghost hunters claim that at least 20 spirits haunt the premises, all of which can be contacted by the right means. You can book a ghost hunting tour and try and talk to a few yourself. If you’re brave enough.

Burg Wolfsegg, Germany

Keeping the best for last, we have Burg Wolfsegg, Germany. This incredible castle is almost too much to handle, having been originally constructed 800 years ago. Just looking at the ancient, towering castle conjures up images of ghosts, ghouls, and witches. Though, it isn’t just the castle that is worth a look. Even the surrounding buildings are clearly ancient, almost creating a living time machine ecosystem.

Reportedly the ghost of Klara von Helfenstein isn’t happy about visitors. The lady was murdered years ago, apparently by her husband, and today isn’t thrilled to still be around. If you see her remains to be seen, though you better plan your visit in advance. Burg Wolfsegg only accepts guests on weekends between May and October. Just be sure to keep your camera handy.