Best Paragliding Destinations

Best Paragliding Destinations

Paragliding is for the adventurous and for all the adrenaline junkies out there.  But what most paragliders realise is that even though the nerves really never leave them it is replaced by the wonder of the beautiful scenery.  This article covers a list of the most beautiful paragliding destinations in the world.


Interlaken, Switzerland is a stunning location with beautiful lakes that are fed by glaciers and has snow-capped mountains and Interlaken is the start of the Jungfrau region.  It is an exciting playground for adventure lovers and nothing can compare with gliding above the 4000 m summits and is a draw card for paragliders from all over.  If you want to relax there are spas and pools at the Victoria Jungfrau Grand Hotel and Spa.


Nepal is home to some of the highest mountains in the world and the Pokhara Valley is known for being one of the best paragliding destinations, one that should be included in anyone’s bucket list. The temperatures stay warm and because of the low altitudes the rising thermals mean that the views of the Annapurna and Himalayan ranges are incredible.  The best place to take off is Sarangkot, which is a hilly village and the best place to stay while here is the Hotel White Pearl which is located next to Phewa Lake known for its beautiful lakes.


San Gil in Colombia, South America has fast flowing rivers, high cliffs and ravines that go on forever, and the Chicamocha Canyon is the most incredible paragliding attraction with the opportunity to fly as high as 1 500 m with awesome scenery.  The Bacaregua Hostel is the best place to stay, and you’ll be so well looked after you’ll have plenty of time to relax and enjoy everything from playing online casino games on your mobile, to reading your book.


Oludeniz, Turkey is located on the shores of the Mediterranean known for its stunning scenery and the best place to glide off from is on top of Mount Babadag.  Beautiful white sandy beaches combined with the blue green colour of the sea offer spectacular views.  The stunning Taurus Mountains stretch across the horizon and are a site to behold from the air. Why not stay at the Jade Residence, which is located beside the beach.


Valle de Bravo is a great spot for paragliding and is known for the best conditions that are created by the low wind pressure.  This area has two start off points, La Torre and El Penon, with El Penon being the site for more advanced gliders who prefer flying longer distances. The El Santuario Resort and Spa has wonderful views and excellent facilities.

Canoa Quebrada has sandstone cliffs which makes it a good option for paragliding and the beach is a great place for it and the strong winds blow all rear round.  Some paragliders try out para-motoring, attaching a motor to their glider. The best accommodation here is the Hotel Pousada Tatajuba from where you can watch other paragliders from your balcony.