Destinations You Can’t Miss In Egypt

With a fascinating history which reaches back to the dawn of civilization, Egypt is considered to be the oldest travel destination on earth. The African nation’s breath-taking temples and pyramids have seized the imagination of travellers for thousands of years.

Even though most people come to Egypt so that they can view its ancient monuments, natural attractions beckon travellers as well. The Red Sea coast is well known for its coral reefs and beach resorts. A trek right through the Sahara can lead visitors to invigorating freshwater spring oasis.

Since the revolution in 2011 – as well as the ongoing counter-revolution – tourists have fled Egypt to a major extent. This has created a chance for unique experiences of places in Egypt to visit without the crowds. Finding yourself alone inside a pyramid is now a very real possibility.

Cairo, Egypt’s Colourful Capital

Egypt’s busy capital city is layered with cultural, religious, architectural and culinary history. Its wonders stretch far outside the walls of its celebrated museums. You are able to take in centuries worth of sights merely by walking down the city streets. Uncover untapped wonders just by saying hello to a stranger. Then there are the Pyramids of Giza, which are very much a wonder of the world.

Go Scuba Diving At Hurghada

The Red Sea coast of Egypt is world famous for the town of Hurghada that offers up lots of fun things to do in Egypt in December. The beautiful landscape here – complete with coral reefs, crystal clear waters, and sandy shores – makes for the absolute perfect spot for diving and snorkelling.

Abu Simbel

The Egyptian village of Abu Simbel is in the southern part of Egypt, on the western shore of Lake Nasser, almost 290 km from the city of Aswan. Abu Simbel includes two temples that are carved in the rocks which date back to nearly three thousand years.

The first and largest temple contains four quite large statues of Pharaonic King Ramses II, each is 21 metres high. The second temple, which was built for Queen Nefertiti, contains two statues of the queen as well as four statues of Ramses II, each which is 10 metres high. Abu Simble temples are not only come at the top of Egypt sightseeing but also worldwide.


Following the path of the ancient pharaohs, you cannot miss a visit to Luxor. It has dozens of great monuments – as well as museums – where you can admire interesting artifacts and exhibits.

In addition, it is a lively city with great shopping and dining options where you can relax and enjoy Australian slots online while you prepare for your next adventure. There is no lack of things for you to do in Luxor, so plan your time wisely.

Constructed on the ancient location of Thebes, the main draw to Luxor is its access to the Valley of the Kings. This is the place where pharaohs were buried and the host to many old treasures together with other wonders.