Top Road Trip Destinations In The World

Is the call of the open road beckoning to you? There are some incredible roads that you really need to add to your bucket list and make sure that you take a trip along them at some point in your life. The call of adventure and the fun you can have exploring small towns along the way make these road trips well worth taking.

  1. Route 66 – United States of America

The famous (and sometimes infamous) stretch of tar that connects Los Angeles and Chicago is the top of the bucket list for most who love a good road trip. It’s the original route that travelers used to take before the interstate highway system was built to cut down on travel time and distance. Now, it’s only those in search of adventure who take the road. This trip has been tackled by an array of vehicles, from luxury SUVs to touring motorbikes. It’s all about how you want to experience the road.

  1. North Coast 500 – Scotland

If the United Kingdom had a Route 66, this would be it. The North Coast 500 is exactly what it says in the name – 500 miles of single-track road along the coastline of northern Scotland. The beauty of this route is unmatched, and the whisky distilleries that you can visit along the way make this a great adventure. There are also plenty of castles and old ruins to explore on the route.

  1. Amalfi Coast – Italy

If it’s sunshine and glamor you’re after, the Amalfi Coast is the place to be. The road you travel stretches out between two gorgeous Italian cities and winds its way along the cliffs right next to the ocean. You can take the trip in just two days, or you can spend over a week touring the little towns that dot the coastline, relaxing on one of the many exquisite beaches and heading up into the hiking trails to see spectacular views and waterfalls.

  1. The Garden Route – South Africa

All the way down at the southern tip of Africa, there is a road that takes you through some extraordinary coastlines and forested areas. You get the best of both worlds on the Garden Route – fine dining restaurants and lodges where you can relax and enjoy the best games in New Zealand, and wild, untamed reserves where you can see the famous Big Five. For the adventurous, there are caves to explore, bridges to bungee jump off and even shark cage diving just off the shore.

  1. Gobi Desert – Mongolia

For those who want to be a bit more rugged in their road trip, the Gobi Desert is the place to go. It is a rugged paradise where you can enjoy being in the middle of nowhere. The sand dunes stretch out for miles in all directions and you could easily lose yourself in the mesmerizing beauty of the region. This one is definitely not for the casual road tripper, and a proper off-road vehicle and all the right provisions are a must before you head off.