Most Overrated Tourist Destinations Globally

Who doesn’t want to go to Hollywood? It’s where all the stars are, right? There is glitz and glamour, fancy restaurants, and incredible shopping boutiques, right? Wrong. Most of Hollywood is not what is assumed, especially the Walk of Fame. The sad truth is that Hollywood is rather unpleasant, consisting of cheap tourist traps, unsafe streets, and not a single celebrity.

But Hollywood isn’t the only tourist trap that should be avoided. There are a few that are equally as disappointing, and any smart traveller will be crossing them off the list now, before wasting money.


Yes, there are some fun sights to see at a Disneyland, regardless of which country we’re talking about. But here is the reality of these enormously popular theme parks; they’re incredibly overcrowded, the ride queues will often take multiple hours, and chances are the average tourist will spend most of their time feeling ripped off.

We’re not suggesting you never go, but what we are saying is that there are far cheaper, and far better destinations to visit. Save the money and look for something better.

London, England

Wait, are we saying that it isn’t worth visiting London? What we’re suggesting is that it probably won’t be what you’re expecting. Reality check; London is either pouring with rain, or alternatively suffering through a scorching heat wave. There are nice places to visit, but it is almost certain you will either be dealing with constant rain, or otherwise be shocked at the exorbitant prices.

If you like the idea of rainy London streets, then it might be for you after all. We’d suggest trying somewhere else.

Red Light District, Amsterdam

Oh dear, yes, Amsterdam is probably not what you think. Or at least, it hasn’t accurately aligned with its reputation for decades now. Safety has rapidly declined, organised crime has been on the rise, and unpleasant behaviour has plagued the streets for years. There has been an effort to revamp the area and return it to former glory, but for the time being thrill seekers may want to look elsewhere.

Stonehenge, England

We already mentioned that London isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, now we sadly have to say that Stonehenge is also not worth the time. If you were hoping for a mysterious set of stones in a wide open field, with nothing but wind and silence as ambience, we have bad news. Stonehenge is crowded to the point of absurdity most of the time, and the stones themselves probably aren’t as impressive as you were hoping. Sadly, Stonehenge has been awarded the most overrated tourist attraction rating, and that says it all. You’re better of enjoying Australia’s best pokies online as there will always be a game to play.

Leaning Tower Of Pisa

Lastly, the Leaning Tower Of Pisa. If Stonehenge hadn’t already taken the award as most overrated, this tower might have scooped it up instead. There are far better attractions in Italy, and you would be far better off spending your time there. Overcrowded, underwhelming, and far less impressive than just about every other sight in the country.