What You Need To See In Thailand

Without a doubt, Thailand has to be one of the most popular travel hot spots in the world. While once upon a time it was seen to be ‘daring’ to travel to this Southeast Asian country, times have very certainly changed. From the magnificent 5-star hotels in Bangkok to simple beach huts in Koh Samui or Koh Samet, accommodations choices are varied and often offer excellent value for money.

The kingdom exudes natural beauty, with spectacular plains and hills of the Golden Triangle in the far north of the country in addition to Phuket, Samui and Krabi’s wave-lapped white-sand beaches. Thailand has so much to offer that one visit is never enough – you’ll want to come back and find more time after time.

Here are some of her beauties.

Go Island Hopping

There are well over 300 islands in Thailand so you need to plan on visiting a few. Begin by picking the #1 Thai island on your bucket list then plan on island hopping from there. If you ask one of the most incredible things to do in Thailand is exploring their gorgeous islands. We love just renting a longtail boat for the day and finding our own private island. Our favourite island is Koh Lipe.

Khao Yai National Park

Situated in the Sankamphaeng Mountain Range, Khao Yai National Park is the third largest park in Thailand. In spite of the high elevation, the park’s landscape is a varied mix of evergreen rainforests as well as billowy grasslands.

In addition, Khao Yai National Park has several waterfalls that are hidden inside the tree-lined forests. At 260-feet tall, the powerful Haew Narok is the largest waterfall in the park and is a must visit. Although not as high, the charming Haew Suwat Waterfall is also worth visiting.

The profusion of wildlife is one of the key reasons for visiting Khao Yai National Park. Pig-tailed macaques, sambar deer, freshwater crocodiles as well as Asian black bears are just a couple of the creatures that can be spotted wandering through the park.

Visit The Grand Palace

Situated in the heart of Bangkok this is possibly the most famous attraction there is. For 150 years this palace was the home of the king, his court, and the entire government of Thailand in addition to the Royal Mint. It is 218,400 sq. so there is much to see. You will not be disappointed. In 1782 massive walls were built around the palace and offices to make it the attraction it is today.

Remember that there is a very strict dress code is in place at the palace so you have to dress in suitable clothing or entry will be denied. If this happens you can rather enjoy Canadian slots online as no dress code is needed.


The Historic City of Ayutthaya is about 75 km north of Bangkok. As the former capital of the Kingdom of Siam, and for a long time a significant economic and commercial hub spot, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is one of the best places to visit in Thailand.