The Best Places In The World to Skydive

The Best Places In The World to Skydive

Skydiving has long been that one item on everyone’s bucket list that they want to try at least once, and it’s not hard to see why. There are few other thrills that quite compare to diving out of a flying plane, and then hurtling back down to earth with nothing but a parachute to slow your descent.

Despite how dangerous skydiving is, it’s actually one of the safest extreme sports out there, with a very low rate of injury. For those looking to give skydiving a chance, there are some of the best locations in the world worth checking out.

  1. Dubai – United Arab Emirates

There are plenty of reasons to give Dubai a visit, and skydiving is quickly becoming one of the most popular. One of the greatest features of the dive is the world-famous, man-made island that juts out of the Dubai coast, making it truly memorable.

  1. Victoria Falls – Zimbabwe

Victoria Falls is a collection of the world’s largest and most magnificent waterfalls, situated on the border of Zimbabwe and Zambia. It’s possible to charter a plane that can take you high above the falls, and it’s said to be one of the most breath taking skydives available.

  1. Mount Everest – Nepal

Part of one of the largest mountain ranges in the world, the Mount Everest dive is the ultimate destination for the skydive junkie. With a six month waiting time, and a fee of $25000, the Mount Everest dive is reserved for those that want one of the best diving experiences that the planet has to offer.

  1. Fox Glacier – New Zealand

New Zealand has always been known as the adventure capital of the world, and diving over Fox Glacier is a testament to that fact. With mountains, glaciers, lakes, and forests in the foreground as you dive, it’s one that all divers should try while adventuring through the island country. And once you’ve landed, you can spend the afternoon playing at no deposit Microgaming casinos, adding to the excitement until take off.

  1. Denarau Island – Fiji

Denarau Island is a legitimate tropical paradise, and boasts one of the most beautiful skydiving experiences that are worth every single cent. The coastal water surrounding the island is so clear that divers can see the coral reefs and fish as they dive toward the ground.

  1. Interlaken – Switzerland

Interlaken is a region located near the Swiss Alps, and it offers a dive over one of Europe’s most pristine lakes. It’s also home to one of the most incredible mountain ranges on Earth, all of which is in perfect view once you’ve left the plane.

  1. Space

By far the most expensive and extreme of skydives in the world, it is possible, with enough money, to dive from the lower atmosphere, similar to Felix Baumgartner as he made claimed the recorded of highest skydive in history. It requires specialised gear, training, as well as a plane that can handle the high altitudes, and is reserved for those rare combinations of thrill seeking and wealthy.