The Most Dangerous Hiking Trails In The World

Hiking is generally meant to be a relaxing activity; one done in the great outdoors, where the hiker is able to follow trails through the wilderness until they reach their destination. But not all hiking trails are the same, and some are quite dangerous due to where they are located. This might be in a steep ravine or up the side of a mountain; regardless of where they are, sometimes only experienced hikers are able to properly complete these kinds of trails.

Let’s explore some of the most dangerous hiking trails around, and why they might be appealing for adventurers who like to push the limit.

Angels Landing

Angels Landing can be found in the Zion National Park, which is situated in the state of Utah in the Untied States. Most of the hiking trail isn’t too dangerous or scary, but it’s the last bit of the trail, the one that goes on to Scout Lookout, that gives it it’s warnings of danger. It means that the hiker will need to navigate narrow ridges that have steep drops on either side. Chains are anchored along the wall to help hikers along the way, but even with the extra support, it remains a dangerous hike nonetheless. The view at the end is usually worth the danger, however.

The Drakensberg Grand Traverse

The Drakensberg is part of a huge mountain range that borders a number of provinces in South Africa, but it’s the Drakensberg in particular that has become a favourite for outdoorsmen. The Grand Traverse is a backpacking route that has become famous among hikers both for its length as well as its incredible and unique scenery. But it’s also a harsh route that starts off with climbing chain ladders up the side of a mountain. The Drakensberg is particularly dangerous during the winter months, when much of it is covered in snow and there’s a constant bone-chilling wind.

Huayna Picchu

The first thing that gives this trail away is well known by its other name, the “Hike of Death”, a name that it has earned due to the fact that it claims lives every year. Part of the reason that it has a high death rate is because many of its casual hikers don’t have the right gear, especially when it comes to footwear. This is even more apparent when it’s the rainy season, which makes the route almost impossible to walk on. This is also the reason that the trail is often closed during the rainier months of the year, during a time when it’s better to stay at home and check out real money casinos in Malaysia.

Mount Huashan

It’s known as China’s most dangerous hike, and there are several reasons that it has earned his reputation. One is that a large part of the route is nothing more than wooden planks tied together and fastened to the side of the mountain. Every now and again the planks will disappear and give way to small supports that have been carved into the rock itself, and each step needs to be done carefully.