The Most Dangerous Hiking Trails In The World

Hiking is generally meant to be a relaxing activity; one done in the great outdoors, where the hiker is able to follow trails through the wilderness until they reach their destination. But not all hiking trails are the same, and some are quite dangerous due to where they are located. This might be in a

Sights To See In Croatia

Historic cities – as well as unspoilt nature – are some of Croatia’s top attractions. The lively capital city of Zagreb houses some of the country’s best museums, galleries, restaurants, and shops. Along the coast, centuries-old harbour towns are packed with Venetian-era stone buildings, while numerous pebble beaches offer things to do, such as scuba

Saving Money When Travelling With The Family

Travelling abroad with the whole family is a wonderful and memorable experience, but depending on how big the family is, it can also be a costly one. Every member of the family will need their own seats for flying, as an example, and it means that the cost of tickets can be extremely high.

6 Places You Should Definitely Visit In Europe

Europe is the second smallest of the world’s continents and comprises 44 countries. Europe is the perfect tourist spot if you are looking for an experience rather than a destination. Europe having so many countries allows tourists to adapt their travel experience to their needs.

Top Tips For Travelling Through Africa

Africa is one of the largest continents in the world, and is made up of dozens of different countries, each with it’s own governments, cultures, history, and more. Africa does not have the most pleasant history, and many countries around the continent are still recovering from years of economic oppression, civil wars, and poverty.

The Top Vaccinations Every Traveller Should Consider

With COVID-19 being one of the most prolific viruses in the world right now and a great push by countries around the world to have their citizens vaccinated, it’s become mandatory for many travellers to have their vaccinations cards at the ready when entering a new country. But COVID isn’t the only disease that’s worth

A Guide To Travelling Post-COVID-19

The eruption of the COVID-19 pandemic last year changed all of our worlds. And not just in the short term. Outside of health care — where heroes dressed in gowns continue to battle on the front lines — few sectors have been hit as hard as the travel industry.

Exploring Castles And Having Family Fun In Scotland

The Scottish Highlands are an area forever steeped in lore and myth and come with an abundance of castles to experience and explore. This fact alone make Scotland a great destination for families with children of all ages. Read on to discover some of the best castles around to explore together and let yourself be

The World’s Best Mountains Worth Hiking

Hiking is an incredibly popular pastime across the world, one that gives the hiker the opportunity to go to places that are usually inaccessible by vehicle. Many see hiking of a kind of therapy for both the mind and the body, especially for those that live in cities and work the usual 9 to 5.

How Travelling Can Benefit Kids

We like to think that we can benefit immensely when we go out and see the world, but children can also derive serious, long-term benefits that can help them for the rest of their lives. It can be difficult to travel the world with children, but the lessons that they learn and how it can