Sights To See In Croatia

Historic cities – as well as unspoilt nature – are some of Croatia’s top attractions. The lively capital city of Zagreb houses some of the country’s best museums, galleries, restaurants, and shops. Along the coast, centuries-old harbour towns are packed with Venetian-era stone buildings, while numerous pebble beaches offer things to do, such as scuba diving, water skiing and windsurfing. On the Adriatic, Croatia’s blissful islands are a haven for yachters and those wanting to just relax and enjoy the Mediterranean sunshine.

Here are some of the must-visit sights to see in Croatia.

Krka National Park

Found in Central Dalmatia of Croatia, the Krka National Park is a protected area of amazing natural scenery, wildlife and historic sites. Situated along the Krka River in Sibinik-Knin County, the national park is best known for a number of gushing waterfalls and natural pools of clear, blue-green waters.

Effortlessly reached by car and bus from Split to Sibinik, the national park provides well-maintained walkways and boat excursions for you to get around. Definitely the most popular attraction of the park is the network of cascading waterfalls. The most revered of these are Skradinski buk and Roški Slap.

Many trails lead right around the waterfalls, offering fabulous photo opportunities. Some of the waterfalls plunge into natural pools that visitors can swim in. In addition to the waterfalls, surrounding landscape of lush vegetation, flowers and glimpses of wildlife like birds and dragonflies boost the beauty of the park.

Also within the park are other places to go. There are historic monasteries and archaeological sites of Roman settlements as well as medieval fortresses. What’s more, there are plenty of tourist facilities such as museums, picnic areas and restaurants.


Croatia’s most popular attraction, the remarkable walled city of Dubrovnik, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and for good reason. Despite being ruthlessly shelled in the 1990s during Croatia’s Homeland War, its gigantic walls, sturdy towers, medieval monasteries, baroque churches, graceful squares and the fascinating residential quarters all look beautiful again. For unmatched perspective of this Adriatic pearl, take the cable car up Srđ, which is the city’s craggy backdrop. For the more intimate glimpse, circle the city walls and peer into hidden gardens and ancient lanes strung with laundry.

Hvar Town

Many tourists visit Croatia to explore the blissful Dalmatian islands, of which the most fashionable is Hvar. On this island, the trendy city of Hvar is home to some of the country’s top hotels and the best seafood restaurants.

Dating back to the years which were spent under Venetian-rule (1420-1797), its car-free Old Town is made up of a roomy main square overlooked by a 16th-century cathedral, a pretty fishing harbour, and a hilltop fortress.

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As the capital and biggest city of Croatia, Zagreb is a vibrant metropolis that is packed with both historic and modern tourist attractions. Situated in north-western Croatia, the city dates back to the second century AD when a diocese was first founded by Hungarian King Ladislaus. Today, Zargreb is a rambling cosmopolitan city and is the heart of Croatian culture, academics and government.