Travelling America On A Shoestring Budget

If ever there was an experience every man, woman and child should have on penned down on a bucket list, then it should be that of seeing the wonder that is the USA. The single remaining obstacle in the way of many a traveller is oftentimes the size of the budget. But the really good news is that when done right and proper, all of America can be experienced from as little as $50 a day.

The trick, in fact, is to know your expenses, i.e. to know where to stay and how to get around on the least possible amount of money. Of these, accommodation is probably the most important factor to take into account when planning a USA cross-country trip. Fortunately, as far as places to stay go, there are too many options to even mention here. And so, we’ll stick with two firm favourites: Airbnb and Couchsurf.

The latter is the cheaper option of the two. This basically means staying for free with local US residents. You really can’t get any cheaper than for free and better even than saving on expenses, nothing beats couchsurfing when wanting to meet locals and live like one for the duration of your trip.

Airbnb is obviously a way more private alternative. It’s a service that allows the traveller to book a stay in someone’s home or apartment. Most Airbnb hosts provide separate living spaces for their travelling guests.

The Transportation Thing

Its not always that easy getting around on U.S. soil – especially not when travelling budget-style. The local infrastructure doesn’t really lend itself to the cross-country traveller’s unique needs. A car is in the majority of cases an absolute must. There are some options outside of major cities that do not require cars – one only needs to know where to look and what is considered safe.

Two possible options are hitchhiking and ridesharing. The United States is one of the few remaining countries where hitchhiking is as safe an option for getting around as any. There are ways in which to do this in order to remain safe and alive and there are a number of great blogs available online on exactly this very topic.

Rideshare involves having access to a car during your travels. Taking on hitchhikers along the way can be a great way to save on costs. What’s more, its also a great way to meet new people or to chill out and spend some time playing at an online gambling casino in Canada. Again, be sure to check on safety pointers first.

Loose Pointers

  • Don’t fuss too much about food. American highways and by-ways are all jam-packed with fast food joints. When tired of fast food, be sure to stock up on sandwiches readily available at grocery stores.
  • Be careful of costs associated with parking. Parking fees really do tend to add up.
  • Remember to pack a cooling metal water bottle for those long and thirsty days on the road. Buying bottled water can cost quite a bit over a period of time.