Staycation Hacks: Become A Tourist In Your City

Depending on where you live, the odds are that you’re currently facing travel restrictions as a result of the pandemic. After more than a year of rollercoaster lockdowns, it’s easy to see why getting away for a bit can be so appealing.

While you may not be able to leave your country, that doesn’t mean that you can’t have a quick getaway to regroup and relax. On the contrary, you now have the opportunity to discover your country’s hidden gems that would’ve otherwise gone unnoticed. It’s also a more budget-friendly travel option, which means that you won’t need to break the bank to have a good time.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways that you can level up the staycation experience.

  1. Think about what you want

Are you looking for a beach break or a luxurious spa day? Think about the things that you like to do and want to do and build your staycation around that. Try to remain mindful of the area in which you stay when doing so, as well as the distance you’re willing to travel.

  1. It doesn’t need to be an extravagant trip

In some cases, a staycation is an opportunity to spend time with your family and being present in the moment. This can be achieved at home with proper planning, or by travelling to a local destination.

  1. Plan your break

Consider exciting things that you can do and make a list of them all. If possible, give yourself the opportunity to take on a couple of them. Not only will this give you something to look forward to, but it also helps to keep spirits high.

  1. Search for local deals

The most obvious sources are the social media pages and website of your chosen destination if you know where you would like to go of course. You can also sign up for apps and services that are a central hub for deals and specials, for example, The Entertainer.

Often, these deals come in the form of a voucher and include most of the things that you will need for your break, while others offer promo codes for additional discounts. Be sure to read the fine print before purchasing to ensure that it’s the right deal for you.

  1. When in doubt, consult the community

When it comes to making the most of your staycation, the best source of information is the people in the area. They know about all the major attractions and hidden gems and will help you make the most of your break.

Keep It Local

The term staycation refers to vacation at home, and the term home can be used broadly in this context. This provides endless opportunities for fun just like eSports betting for Australians in a safe, COVID-19 friendly manner. Wherever you may be, always put your safety first.