Benefits of a Staycation

It may not sound appealing at first; taking a holiday and staying at home… but a staycation has become a growing trend, and for good reason. If you are wondering what on earth we are on about, keep reading, as the benefits of a holiday where you stay put will soon become obvious.

Cut costs

Travelling is expensive, especially if you have a family that you’re taking along for the ride. Instead of cutting costs and scrimping and saving to go away, you can splash out a bit more every month of the year as you won’t be laying out a whack of cash for plane tickets, hotels, Airbnb or any other travel-associated expenses.

Reduce Stress

Holidays can be stressful, and when you add travel to the equation, the stress can double. This becomes even more of a factor if you are short on cash and have to budget carefully, as invariably every holiday comes with hidden costs. With a staycation all this stress is removed completely!

Enjoy Your Home

How often do you get the opportunity to really enjoy being at home? A staycation will make you appreciate your home in a whole new way, and you may well find that having a BBQ, lazing about playing the best pokies online on your sofa or splashing about in the pool is far more relaxing when you know you have a good few days ahead of you with no work!

Play With Your Pets

If you have pets, going away on holiday means you either need to organise them a sitter, or take them to kennels. With a staycation you get to enjoy your holiday with your pets, and can even give them a bit of a holiday by taking them out for more walks, or going on little adventures together. Of course if your pet is a cat, they’d probably just prefer extra cuddles…

No Jetlag

Jetlag can be a real pain, and it can also kill the first few days of your holiday. If you’re not flying anywhere you won’t run the risk of jetlag and can enjoy every second of your downtime to its full. Plus, when you go back to work you won’t be plagued by any jetlag symptoms either, and this makes the return to the grind a bit less brutal.

Easy Reconnections

If you’re keen to reconnect with family and friends but never have the time, a staycation provides the perfect opportunity. You can organise to see the people you often battle to fit into your schedule, as you won’t have work in the way. Plus, if they don’t live that close by, you won’t have to stress about travel time, as a long drive is far easier to plan when you are on holiday!

Appreciate Your Environment

A staycation gives you the chance to really explore where you live, and to take advantage of your surroundings. You can do all those things you think about, but never get around to, and can see your town or city in a whole new way.