A Guide To Medical Items To Have While Travelling

Most people don’t really think of packing any medical supplies when they’re planning to travel abroad. This is usually because most people don’t believe that anything will go wrong on their travels, and if they do, they’re never going to be too far from a hospital or doctor. And while it’s good to remain optimistic about these kinds of things, it’s also important to try and always be prepared for any outcome.

A traveller doesn’t need to pack expensive medical equipment when heading out but having the following supplies can make a big difference in case an injury does occur.


For most people with a severe allergy, it’s expected that they will be well aware of it and will take the necessary precautions to ensure that they have the right medications. But allergies can vary greatly, and it’s very possible that a traveller might come into contact with an allergen that they were previously unaware of. Having non-drowsy antihistamines on hand can be a great help, especially if the allergic reaction is severe and every minute counts before emergency services can arrive.

Motion Sickness Medication

Not everyone is prone to motion sickness, but it’s an ailment that can have severe affects. Those that have often been out on lakes or even on the coast might not suffer from it but travelling across a choppy ocean can quickly change that. Having motion sickness tablets available is advised when travelling by boat across the sea is going to be the primary mode of transport to a new region.

Sterile Bandages

A bandage can be a versatile tool, and a lifesaving one in the right circumstances. They can be used for a number of injuries, from small cuts to the straightening of a broken finger. They’re extremely cheap to replace and can be found at most local clinics and pharmacies. It’s a good idea to have a role of sterile bandages on hand at all times, especially if the traveller knows that they will be heading out into the wilderness at some point during their time abroad, or even if they happen to get an injury while playing spinning Roulette games on Canadian Casino Online sites in their hotel room.


There’s no better way of telling if someone is unwell than by measuring their core body temperature, and nothing does this better than a thermometer. Traditional thermometers use mercury to measure the temperature of the area they are pressed against, but these are also very fragile and prone to breaking easily, which then means having to try and clean up deadly mercury. A better alternative might rather be a digital thermometer, which, while more expensive, tend to be more accurate, and are much hardier than their traditional counterparts.


When a wound does occur, it should be priority to try and sterilise the area to reduce the chances of infection. Antiseptics are great for this, so having something like betadine available is worth the investment. Another great antiseptic is strong alcohol, such as vodka, which can help clean a fresh wound.