How to Have the Ultimate Staycation

How to Have the Ultimate Staycation

When you hear the word ‘staycation’ you may envision sitting on the couch in your pyjamas binge-watching series and eating unhealthy snacks, but the ultimate staycation can be so much more than that! Going away on holiday is great, but expensive, so why not save yourself some money and enjoy your city instead? Here’s how.

Eat Exotic Foods

Eating exotic food is a large part of any international vacation, but you don’t have to spend hours on a plane in order to sample cuisine from around the world. Visit your local deli and splash out on good wine and foreign foods you’re dying to try or visit a restaurant you’ve never tried before.

Host an Outdoor Cinema Night

Outdoor cinema nights are very popular at the moment and can be put together easily. Hire a projector and screen and invite friends and family to enjoy a classic film over snacks and drinks. All you’ll need is some blankets and cushions to make it a comfortable experience.

Alert Family and Friends

Just as you would notify family and friends when going away on holiday, let everyone know that you’re taking some downtime and politely request space and privacy and to only get in touch if it’s really important. A mental break from everyday stresses can have a massively positive effect on your staycation.

Get the Cleaners In

One of the greatest aspects of going away on holiday is not having to clean, so why not do the same at home to allow more time for online blackjack NZ? Get a cleaning service in for the week to do all the weekly chores such as cleaning, laundry, and ironing to ensure that you have the ultimate relaxing staycation, without having to lift a finger.

Holiday Ground Rules

Holiday ground rules are imperative when it comes to the ultimate staycation and it’s a good idea to put some in place. Here are a few ideas:

  • No email checking
  • No phones at dinner
  • Dinner around the table
  • No alarm clocks
  • At least one fun activity per day

Be a Tourist in Your Own City

Just because you’re not going away on holiday, doesn’t mean you can’t be a tourist! Exploring your city as a tourist would is an incredible way to see your regular surroundings in a new light and is far cheaper than traditional travel. Visit your favourite places or enjoy new experiences – your city is your oyster.

Have a Shopping Day

Shopping for souvenirs and trinkets is always a fun part of any holiday, so why not plan a family shopping trip in the same vein? Set aside some funds and head to a local market, second-hand store, or shopping mall and shop till you drop.

Capture Your Staycation

Holiday snaps are a major part of every vacation and your staycation should be no different. Take silly selfies, capture your touristy experiences, pose for family photos, and keep mementos from activities. You can even get the photos printed and make a scrapbook to remember the most relaxing holiday ever.