Adventurous Holidays In Romania

As much as we love that it is possible to visit Dracula’s castle in Romania, there is so much more to the country than the medieval fortress. It is nothing less than an adventure holiday lover’s paradise and offers experiences that combine nature, history, culture and a healthy dose of adrenalin.

Your adventures could take you past a gigantic carving of a long-dead king, or one of the most beautiful waterfalls on the planet, or even into a hotel made entirely of ice. Check out the top X-MANY Romanian holiday ideas for thrill-seekers who want to discover the country forever linked to fiction’s most famous vampire.

The Transfagarasan Highway

Explore the world’s most exciting road. Following the bends and curves and twists and turns of the Transfagarasan Highway will take you more than 2000m upwards into the Carpathian Mountains. Cars and bikes can be hired in Sibiu, and you can find accommodation by asking locals in the villages you will pass through. The road also takes you near a castle with links to the historical figure behind the Dracula myth, Vlad the Impaler. Be warned: you will need to climb 1480 stairs to get to the Poenari Castle. You also can access beautiful Lake Balea from the highway.

The Ice Hotel

No two winters at Romania’s Ice Hotel are alike. Located at Lake Balea, the hotel is constructed every year. The bulk of the structure is made of 4-ft ice bricks, although the design changes every year.

Most first-time guests think that, like a game of online Blackjack, staying at the hotel is a bit of a gamble. If you feel the same way, don’t worry – it’s warmer, and more rewarding, than you imagine. You can enjoy awesome activities such as ice sculpting, or go ice skating or snow-shoeing, or even go whizzing around on a snowmobile.

Bear Watching

Approximately 5000 brown bears still live in the Carpathians, and you can view them in their natural habitat alongside rangers. If you fancy a bit of bear-watching during your Romanian adventure holiday, you can find guesthouses on an estate such as Zabola, where staff happily will arrange a guide for you. While there, you also can indulge in bird watching, hiking tours, deer stalking, and a carriage ride through the forest. If you go in winter, you will find the carriage is replaced with a sleigh.

The Caras-Severin Region

You will find many of Romania’s most memorable sights in the astonishingly beautiful Caras-Severin Region. Let the strange subterranean world of Ponicova Cave mesmerise you. Go boating down the Danube gorge and be astounded by the massive carving of King Decebal. Try rafting on the Nera River, or visit the Cheile Nerei-Beusnita national park, even if only to see the enchanting Bigăr waterfall.

Cycle in Transylvania

Transylvania offers fantastic opportunities for cycling tours. One of the most interesting routes will take you across the Tarnavele Plateau, right in the centre of the region. It is the best way to see several fortified Saxon churches that have UNESCO World Heritage status.