Top Tips for Travelling with Children

Top Tips for Travelling with Children

Travelling with children can quickly turn your dream vacation into a nightmare, but the good news is that this is totally avoidable if you plan appropriately! While long flights and car journeys can be challenging for parents with babies and toddlers, these top tips will help relieve the stress and make sure the experience is an enjoyable one for the whole family.

Plan Ahead

Spontaneity and children aren’t generally happy bedfellows, so be sure to plan every detail of your holiday well in advance. Children crave routine and structure and you’ll save everyone a lot of stress if your holiday routine is as close to your home routine as possible – with some exceptions of course.

Take a Backseat

If you have a long car journey planned, be sure to spend some of time in the backseat with your children while your partner takes the wheel. Play a game with them, watch a movie, read a story, or have snack time – just like you would do at home.

Bring a Piece of Home Along

Some children are more adaptable than others, but some may find being in a strange place anxiety-inducing. Bringing pieces of home along on your travels will help your children feel grounded while in a strange place, surrounded by strange people. Consider bringing along their favourite blanket, stuffed toy, or bowl and spoon to help with feeding.

No Shame in Screen Time

You’ve likely brought your iPad or tablet along to enjoy real slots NZ while on vacation and while sticking your child in front of the iPad for long periods isn’t a great idea normally, there’s no shame in doing so while on holiday! iPads and tablets are great holiday accompaniments as they provide plenty of entertainment and will help keep your kids occupied on long journeys.

Take More Than You’ll Need

Much of parenting involves being prepared for the worst and this is especially true when it comes to travelling! Always pack twice as much as you could possibly need for your child as there is nothing worse than a teething toddler or an upset little tummy with no pharmacy in sight.

Go Hands Free

Having your hands free at the airport will make your life a lot easier, but this can be difficult with a baby in tow. A carrier such as a Babybjörn or baby wrap will leave your hands free and it’s also a great way to rock your child to sleep on the plane.

Snacks are Critical

A hungry child is a grumpy child which is something that needs to be avoided at all costs! If you have a picky eater on your hands, be sure to pack their favourite snacks from home and pack both healthy snacks and sweet treats.

Include Kid-Friendly Activities

While wine tasting at a top-rated vineyard may sound amazing to you, your children will likely feel differently. Including kid-friendly activities in your holiday will help your children feel involved in the experience and make sure that they have as much fun as you do while on holiday.