Tips For Successfully Flying With A Baby

Most people have experienced the displeasure of flying on a plane with a crying baby not too far from them. There’s usually no reason to assign blame; sometimes a parent needs to fly somewhere, and the baby is usually far from being comfortable dealing with the changes in pressure and being stuck in one place, surrounded by strangers for too long.

For those that that have a young infant and are looking to travel for a small vacation, use these tips and tricks to make the process that much smoother.

Arrive Early

Preparation is key when making plans to travel with a very young child or baby, so getting to the airport as early as possible can make all the difference. This gives parents the time to make sure their baby is as comfortable as possible. The stress of arriving late to a flight, which often involves having to rush through a busy and loud airport, can make the experience that much more unpleasant for the baby, and is likely to put them in a bad mood for the rest of the trip. Taking the time to get everything in order before boarding the flight is essential to a happy infant, while ensuring the peace of mind for the other passengers.

Pack Well Before Leaving

With a child in tow, there’s usually so much more packing that needs to be done. It can be difficult trying to balance the various types of luggage that are going with, combined with the necessity of having everything close by to keep the baby as happy as possible. Here again, preparation is vital, where packing to ensure everything is never more than an arm’s length away can remove the stress of having to dig through luggage and bags to find the pacifier or juice box.

Board Separately

It might seem counter-intuitive for parents to board at different times, but it can reduce how much stress and effort everyone needs to suffer, especially considering that boarding can sometimes take up to half an hour. It can help to have one parent go ahead with most of the stowaway luggage, allowing them to make their seating more comfortable and to make sure that everything has been packed away neatly. Once it’s all in order, the parent with the infant can follow later and simply put the baby down without having to stress about getting everything ready and offering some extra time to check out while flying.

Invest In A Baby Seat

While this may not be on the budget for everyone, hiring a baby seat can make a big difference to how comfortable the baby is during the flight. Not having one means having the baby on a lap while flying, which can quickly become problematic for the child and the parent.

Feed The Baby During Taking Off

A hungry baby is an unhappy baby, so making sure they are well-fed while taking off is a great way of keeping everyone happy, including all the passengers. Drinking from a bottle can stop the pressure from driving them crazy, making them more peaceful before being climbing too high into the air.