Tips For Packing Travelling Food Like A Pro

Whether travelling by car, train, or plane as a family, packing food for the journey can be a great way of saving money and ensuring that your standards are met. Some folks avoid taking food because they are worried about the potential messiness of it, but by following the tips below, you will be packing what you need for amazing, healthy meals like a pro in no time.

A selection of containers of different sizes will come in handy, and if you have the space, it is best to keep everything stored in a cooler box or bag.

  1. Save With Salad Jars

Purchasing food for the family when on the road can be a costly affair, especially if you stop at a diner or restaurant. Salad in a jar can be a cost-effective way to provide a filling, refreshing, no-fuss meal for each person. What’s more, glass mason jars are much more earth-friendly than plastic.

To pack the perfect salad jar, start off by putting some dressing into the jar, and then adding a few chunkier vegetables or other ingredients that can handle soaking in dressing for a few hours. You can layer other ingredients, whether more vegetables, rice, pasta, or feta over those. Pack the greens and any seeds in last, and then seal the jar. Take plastic bowls and empty the jars into them when you are ready to eat.

  1. Sandwich Building Blocks

Much like the leading Australian betting sites, sandwiches are versatile and convenient. When it comes to fillings, the possibilities are almost endless – but how do you stop sandwiches from going soggy while travelling? You make them on the road.

Do this the easy way by taking slices of bread or soft rolls, as well as an assortment of fillings. You can take slices of cheese, greens such as rocket or watercress, little tubs of preserves or cream cheese; in fact, just about anything you can think of.

  1. Get Baking

Whether biscuits, oats bars, cookies, crunchies, muffins, or savoury snacks, baked goods are among the easiest foods to store and to eat when travelling. For a variation on the theme, try no-bake recipes, such as energy bars.

  1. Easy Finger Food

Sometimes the simplest way is the best way. For a healthy feast that requires a minimum of effort and that should not even leave the kids with sticky hands, take an assortment of snacks and finger foods.

In addition to cut vegetables such as celery, carrots, and cucumber, take tubs of hummus and other dip, as well as slices of cheese, crackers, and peeled, hard-boiled eggs (do not forget the salt). For something sweet, pack apples, bananas, or other easy-to-eat fruit.

  1. Use Instant Options

Whether you have a flask of hot water or are flying and can ask cabin staff for boiling water, you can take advantage of certain instant foods when travelling. Instant oats are an easy, uplifting breakfast, while instant miso or other soups can be quick, tasty snacks.