Fun Activities For Lengthily Road Trips

Yes, there is nothing better than enjoying a road trip. Scenery scrolls by in an infinite show, and a person could get lost in thought for hours simply staring at the horizon. But, sometimes, boredom is an inevitable side effect of a lengthily journey. This can be doubly as difficult if you have youngsters in the car, who aren’t particularly interested in scenery.

Thankfully we live in an era of technological wonder, and it isn’t nearly as difficult to stay busy during a long car ride as it once was. In fact, it can be said that boring road trips are so easy to deal with that they hardly count as a challenge at all.

Regardless, here are some fun, interesting activity ideas to help deal with long, potentially boring road trips.

Movie Watching Marathons

It’s the easiest choice, but we thought we’d get it out of the way upfront. Yes, tablets, smartphones, and all other manner of portable viewing devices exist, and offer the perfect solution for a long car ride. When combined with car friendly chargers, these wonderful devices can last for a multi-hour journey, and never run out of viewing content.

When it comes to youngsters, this is probably your best bet. Just remember that, depending how far into the wilderness you might be going, that signal may well be limited. So it is best to download some shows in advance.

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Travelling Board Games

If you’d prefer to steer clear of electronics as much as possible, board games are an excellent choice. There is an enormous variety of car friendly board games these days, and many are an absolute blast. The main concern is, of course, having magnetised pieces, and enough space to set the games up. Be sure to pack your car strategically, with enough open room for a game.

Naturally, Checkers, Chess and Snakes and Ladders are the obvious choices, and all come with magnetised versions. But there are also much more complex and creative games out there, many of which have specifically been designed with car journeys in mind.

Roadside Attractions

When traveling to a specific destination, the habit can be to try and simply get there as fast possible. But a long trip can be made significantly more fun simply by stopping off at a few roadside attractions along the way, turning the journey into an adventure all of its own. In fact, many find that the stop offs along the way can be the best part of the experience.

Simply plan ahead, find a few attractions along your route, and take votes on which are the most appealing. For best results, try and focus on the attractions that are most unusual, and most likely to get a big response. Quirky always tends to trump mundane in this regard, so keep your eyes open for something outrageous.

Also, it is best to choose a few spots that serve food and refreshments as well, allowing everyone the chance to charge up with energy for the rest of the journey.