Top Holiday Destinations for Families with Babies

Going on vacation with a newborn child or a young baby may seem daunting, but sometimes a little break away somewhere is just what you need to de-stress and get a grip on being a parent. This is especially pertinent in the first year of your baby’s life, when life can be super stressful and sleep is at a premium!

Likewise, it can be even more intimidating to choose where to go for your getaway. You will of course need a family friendly location, and one that is not too hot or humid for your little one. You will also need to choose a venue that has all the amenities you need for a peaceful and chilled vacation. Here are some tips on how to get started.

Tips for Travelling with a Baby

We have a few top tips for choosing a baby-friendly vacation venue, and the first one is paying a little bit extra for your accommodation. If you shell out a few extra dollars or pounds, you will be able to enjoy all-inclusive boarding and a few creature comforts that will make your life easier. If you have your baby with you, having room service or a nearby source of food and drink can be very useful! Plus, spots with WiFi will allow you to enjoy your favourite eSports betting sites uninterrupted.

Our next tip is our 6-hour rule. Limit your flights and travelling time to your target destination to 6 hours if you can. Having a baby in tow on planes and trains can end up being very stressful, especially on long journeys. A shorter travelling time will keep both you and baby happier – and home will be closer should you have an emergency.

We also recommend checking out the weather before you embark. Look at the average forecast of your chosen location and try to choose somewhere where the temperature won’t be too high. Babies are very prone to sunburn and heatstroke, so aim for a location with temperatures in the mid 20s!  Take a high SPF sun cream and a hat along for your little one as well.

The Best Destinations to Visit

At long last, here are our top holiday destinations for parents with babies. Our top picks are:

  • Mallorca, Spain. May and June are great times to be in Spain, and the European country is also very family friendly. Family-accommodating resorts like Cala D’Or, Alcudia, Cala Bona, Ca’n Picafort and Santa Ponsa will ensure a comfortable stay, and Spain’s mid-20s climate is perfect for tiny humans.
  • Portugal. Resorts like the Algarve and Vilamourna are renowned by families with small kids. Portugal is beautiful in the spring, so aim to visit during February if you want to see the nation at its best.
  • Southern France. Places like Nice are absolutely stunning between May and October, and Disneyland Paris is right around the corner! This region is nicknamed the ‘millionaire’s playground’ for a good reason, but shop around and you can still enjoy a budget vacation with baby in tow.
  • Corfu, Greece. Corfu’s picturesque sandy beaches and friendly locals make it a perfect escape for parents and tots alike. There is no bad time to visit Greece as it is always sunny and mild, but aim for between May and September if you want your kids to be able to take a dip in the ocean.